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Court Bond
Courts often require parties undergoing legal processes to file surety bonds to ensure their financial integrity and credibility. These bonds minimize the risk of financial loss for the people involved and ensures they fulfill the tasks required by the court.

There are two kinds of court bonds:

What is a Fiduciary Bond?
A fiduciary bond ensures that caretakers fulfill their appointed duties. Because they are commonly required by probate courts, fiduciary bonds are also called probate bonds.

The bond is typically used by heirs, beneficiaries, or creditors who are required to take care of the financial property of others or to act on their behalf.

How do Fiduciary Bonds work?
When a fiduciary is appointed by the court to take care of someone's property, they must obtain a fiduciary surety bond to protect the owner. If the fiduciary fails in their appointed duties or commits fraud, the surety provider reimburses the property owner for their losses. The fiduciary will then need to pay back the surety.

What does a Fiduciary Bond cost?
The total cost of a fiduciary bond is a percentage of the bond amount. This percent is calculated based on your personal credit score.

How many types of Fiduciary Bonds are there?
Fiduciary bonds are called many different names, such as probate bonds, guardianship bonds, estate bonds, or executor bonds. Despite the many names, these bonds are all functionally identical. However, every state has its own rules governing fiduciary bonds, so the bond contracts differ slightly from state to state.

How can I get a Fiduciary Bond?
Looking for a fiduciary bond? Suretegrity makes it quick and easy! Just click the Buy a Bond button, choose the state, select your bond type, and fill out your details. Most bond applications are approved instantly, so you can print it out and go in just a few minutes!

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