Infographic : All about Auto Dealer Bonds

The infographic, “All You Need to Know about Auto Dealer Bonds in Florida”, provides key details about auto dealer bonds. The infographic describes the basics of auto dealer bonds, steps to become a licensed auto dealer in Florida, and the benefits of having an auto dealer bond through a bond company. An auto dealer bond protects customers against various unethical practices such as tampering with the odometer, providing false information about a vehicle’s condition, failure to honor oral read more

Infographic : Important Steps to Get a Surety Bond Online

The infographic titled, “6 Steps to Apply for a Surety Bond Online” describes the various important steps to avail surety bond online. A surety bond is an assurance by a surety (guarantor) to pay the one party (obligee) a certain amount in case the other party (the principal) fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the contract. Continue reading Infographic : Important Steps to Get a Surety Bond Online read more

Things You Need to Know About Utility Deposit Bonds

Unlike various other types of surety bonds that protect the consumer, a utility deposit bond protects the utility company by ensuring it receives a timely payment. A utility bond provides a financial guarantee that a person using the services of a utility company will pay for the utilities on time. A number of private utility companies, including water companies and power companies, demand utility bonds in certain situations. Continue reading Things You Need to Know About Utility Deposit Bonds read more

Easy Steps to Get Surety Bonds Online Instantly

A surety bond is a kind of contract intended to protect the recipient against losses in the event of failure of a second party to meet a specific obligation. The bond usually involve three parties: the principal, the obligee, and the surety. A surety bond not only provides protection against losses; it also demonstrates the credibility and the ability of the principal to meet the obligations. For this reason, a large number of businesses and contractors use surety bonds as a means to guarantee t read more

What Are the Types of Probate Bonds?

Required by the probate courts, a probate bond is generally purchased by the executors, trustees, and administrators as a guarantee that they will perform their duties. These types of bonds are also known as fiduciary bonds, as the individuals holding the bonds have a fiduciary duty to be faithful and competent. Continue reading What Are the Types of Probate Bonds? read more

How Can You Get Your Auto Dealer Bond?

Those who are looking to get their motor vehicle dealer license are generally required to provide a surety bond to guarantee that their dealership will comply with industry regulations. An auto dealer bond, also known as car dealer bond, automobile bond, DMV bond, dealer bond, motor vehicle dealer bond, etc. is used to protect consumers from fraud or any other unethical activities committed by dealerships and their employees. Continue reading How Can You Get Your Auto Dealer Bond? read more

What is the Importance of ERISA bond?

The ERISA or Employee Retirement Income Security Act is an act that sets rules and standards of conduct for private sector employee benefit plans and those that invest and manage their assets. ERISA simply refers to persons who are involved in handling of funds and other property of an employee benefit plan as ‘plan officials’. Continue reading What is the Importance of ERISA bond? read more

Things You Must Know about Auto Dealer Bonds

Before receiving an auto dealer license, auto dealers in most states must file a surety bond with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Surety bonds are specifically designed to protect customers and the state from auto dealers that commit fraud. A surety bond is assurance that your dealership will follow the car dealership legislation and regulations in your state. Continue reading Things You Must Know about Auto Dealer Bonds read more

What is an Agriculture Dealer Bond and Why Do I Need it?

It is not possible for every farmer to take his or her product to market themselves. In some instances, they require an agriculture dealer to help them sell their product. The person who helps the farmer to sell their product in the local market is known as an agriculture dealer. Typically, an agriculture dealer buys the products from the farmers and resells those products in the market. Continue reading What is an Agriculture Dealer Bond and Why Do I Need it? read more

Renew Your Notary Public License

The rules and regulations to obtain a notary public license differ from one state to another. Typically, the term of a notary public commission is 4 years and most states send a renewal notice between 3 to 6 months before expiration. To renew your notary license, fill out the renewal form. You will find the renewal process simpler than applying for a new notary license. Usually, all the required paper work comes in the mail, but you can also download it if required from the website of secreta read more