Notary Bonds

Notary documents are one of the most powerful legal documents;however, even a notary must secure a license from the US government to do business. For that to happen, a notary bond is necessary. Notary Bonds ensure that the notary will perform their duties just as intended, steering clear of any fraud or investigation. Continue reading Notary Bonds read more

Collection Agency Bonds

Collection agencies collect money from defaulters. But, how can you make sure the agency is acting ethically? A collection agency bond covers the risk a creditor takes when a third-party collection company gets involved. This bond protects the client against any unethical activity. A surety company can offer this bond to a collection agency. Continue reading Collection Agency Bonds read more

Fuel Tax Bonds

Fuel tax bonds are just like all other surety bonds in that they protect investments. Those who are involved with fuel retailing as a seller, mixer,or distributor must secure this bond to get started. Fuel tax bonds help to reassure investors that their money will be protected. It also ensures guaranteed payment of any taxes that are incurred on fuel transactions. Most of all, these bonds protect against potential fraud from any of the parties involved.Always check the guidelines in your state f read more

Infographic: Medicaid Surety Bonds

The infographic, “Medicare and Medicaid Bonds,” describes the purpose of Medicaid surety bonds and what could happen if you don’t get your bond in time. A medical surety bond is a license and permit surety bond required by the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS). It isrequired for suppliers of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies (DMEPOS). Continue reading Infographic: Medicaid Surety Bonds read more

Infographic: Get to Know the Importance of Lost Securities Bond

The infographic, “The importance of Lost Securities Bond,” gives an overview on lost security bonds and what documents are protected under lost securities bond. Continue reading Infographic: Get to Know the Importance of Lost Securities Bond read more

Infographic: Understanding Fiduciary Bonds:Who Needs Them and Why?

The Infographic, “A brief description of Fiduciary Bonds & Court Actions,” explains the different types of Fiduciary Bonds. Additionally, the fiduciary’s purpose and role are also explained.    Continue reading Infographic: Understanding Fiduciary Bonds:Who Needs Them and Why? read more

Why are Collection Agency Bonds Essential?

Also known as the debt collector bond, the collection agency bond is required for agencies that collect debt. The bond promises that the agency will follow all the rules and regulations of the business. If a successful claim is raised against the bond, the surety company will be liable to pay. The agency will then have to indemnify the surety for this claim. Continue reading Why are Collection Agency Bonds Essential? read more

When to Apply For a Lost Securities Bond

Losing important documents can be stressful and damaging to a business. Itcan ultimately threaten a company’s investment. Luckily, a lost securities bond can help to protect against situations like this. This bond is usually required when a person has damaged, lost, or misplaced an original document. This could be a corporate bond, insurance policy, stock ownership, interest coupon, money order or check or any other important document that also serves as a proof of ownership. Continue reading read more

What is a Collection Agency Bond?

Due to the nature of its business, a collection agency is looked upon as a major risk entity. Since they are responsible to call people and ask them for money, people fear them or form negative opinions about their approach. To safeguard the interests of those involved, the agency has to first secure a collection agency bond, which is a prerequisite for getting a license to operate. Continue reading What is a Collection Agency Bond? read more

Who Benefits from a Fuel Tax Bond?

Fuel owners need a fuel tax bond for as long as they hold an active license. The bond is a guarantee that the holder (the fuel seller) will pay all the required taxes, interests, and applicable penalties. The obligee here is the State and by extension, the public. The fuel seller is the principal and must buy the bond from a surety company. Continue reading Who Benefits from a Fuel Tax Bond? read more