What You Should Know About Public Official Bonds

There are certain professions that require bonding, especially those in a public office. Most of these come under the public official bonds. Today one can buy public official bonds online. Here are a few things you should know about this bond: It is required of public officials As the name suggests, public official bonds are required of public officials. It is meant to ensure that public officials discharge their duties faithfully. Officials who are required to purchase these bonds include read more

How to Buy an Alcoholic Beverage Bond

If you are dealing with alcoholic beverages, be it selling, storing or acting as a dealer, you will need to be bonded in order to get a license. The state asks for a bond to ensure there are financial penalties for violating any legal provisions regarding the trade of alcohol. You can buy the bond from an alcoholic beverage bond agency. To buy the bond, you should: Research the kind of bond you need: Alcoholic bonds differ by state and the state agency that you will be required to submit t read more

What You Need to Consider When Buying Cyber Risk Insurance

With the prevalence of technology and our dependence on it, buying cyber risk insurance is imperative for any business. However, you do need to consider the following points before buying it: Assess your risks: Before you start the process, assess the risks your organization typically faces. There is no point in paying additional coverage for factors that have no impact on your business. You can get an expert for the evaluation. Coverage: You can buy comprehensive coverage or get an extens read more