What You Should Know About Public Official Bonds

There are certain professions that require bonding, especially those in a public office. Most of these come under the public official bonds. Today one can buy public official bonds online. Here are a few things you should know about this bond:

It is required of public officials

As the name suggests, public official bonds are required of public officials. It is meant to ensure that public officials discharge their duties faithfully. Officials who are required to purchase these bonds include sheriffs and other law enforcement officials, tax collectors, judges, court clerks, treasurers, township managers and more. It can be required for people across different levels of a public office — from a constable to a sheriff.

It is meant to discourage misuse of power

Most of the public officials who are required to be bonded are people with considerable power, such as mayors and judges. This is the power that can be easily misused to great public harm. The conditions of the bond put curbs on this power, making sure that there is a financial penalty if an officer abuses their power.

It brings accountability to public offices

Public offices are those which are entrusted with a vital civil duty, be it dispensing justice or taking care of public funds. Public officials are people who carry out the government’s work. Hence, there must be accountability for their tasks. A bond is one of the ways to make sure that such officials are accountable for their actions.

It ensures proper governance

The governance of our country depends on the smooth running of its institutions — from collecting taxes, ensuring law and order to city planning. This is all carried out by public officials in different roles and functions. These are the people who are the nuts and bolts of the system. By making them accountable we ensure that our institutions and our government run properly.

You can buy it online

Today you can buy public official bonds online. You can fill out an online application and ask for a quote.

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