What is an Agriculture Dealer Bond and Why Do I Need it?

It is not possible for every farmer to take his or her product to market themselves. In some instances, they require an agriculture dealer to help them sell their product. The person who helps the farmer to sell their product in the local market is known as an agriculture dealer. Typically, an agriculture dealer buys the products from the farmers and resells those products in the market. Continue reading What is an Agriculture Dealer Bond and Why Do I Need it? read more

Renew Your Notary Public License

The rules and regulations to obtain a notary public license differ from one state to another. Typically, the term of a notary public commission is 4 years and most states send a renewal notice between 3 to 6 months before expiration. To renew your notary license, fill out the renewal form. You will find the renewal process simpler than applying for a new notary license. Usually, all the required paper work comes in the mail, but you can also download it if required from the website of secreta read more

Utility Deposit Bonds

The utility sector is one of the most booming industries in today's economy. The demand for utility providers will never diminish. To make sure that the market continues to flourish, the utility companies must ensure that they get complete payment for the service they have provided. Continue reading Utility Deposit Bonds read more

Infographic : Surety Bond Roles and Responsibilities

Surety bonds play an important role in today’s unstable and unsure economic climate. Today, people are more careful and want to compile all their requirements legally. The main aim of surety bonds is to provide guaranteed performance on the contract. There are different kinds of surety bonds for different purposes. The surety bond determines the roles and responsibilities of different people engaged in different projects. Continue reading Infographic : Surety Bond Roles and Responsibilities read more