Here’s All You Need to Know about ERISA Fidelity Bond

ERISA, or Employee Retirement Income Security Act, came into being in the year 1974. This act basically protects the rights of employees working in private organizations for pension and other employee benefits. The United States Department of Labor oversees its enforcement in the country. Employees of different sectors across the country often report fraud and forgery happening to their benefit plans. ERISA fidelity bond was devised to protect their rights in such events. These bonds further en read more

Surety Bonds and All You Need to Know About Them

We all know what insurance is and how it works. We need it to cover our financial losses in different scenarios. However, not everything can be covered under insurance. This holds true in the case of work contracts which normally don’t receive insurance coverage. For them, it’s a surety bond that provides the much-needed financial protection. But what are surety bonds exactly? Surety bonds are a form of a binding contract between two parties, with a third party issuing the bond. The firs read more