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Contract surety bonds, sometimes refered to as construction bonds, guarantee the performance of two parties covered by a written agreement. The most common types include bid, performance and payment bonds.

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Name Obligee Actions

Auctioneer Bond - City of Denver

City and County of Denver - Office of Excise and Licenses

Defective Title (Lost Title)

Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles

Endorsement Bond

City of Fort Collins

Farm Products Dealer/Commodity Handler Bond

Colorado Department of Agriculture/ICS

Freight Broker

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Meat Processor

Colorado Department of Agriculture/ICS

Medical Marijuana License

Colorado Department of Revenue Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division

Merchant Guard Company - Denver

City and County of Denver - Office of Excise and Licenses

Money Transmitter

State of Colorado

Out of State Private Occupational School Agent

Colorado Department of Higher Education

Outfitters and Guides

The Colorado State Office of Outfitters

Parking Lot - Denver

City and County of Denver - Office of Excise and Licenses

Personal Need Trust Fund

Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

Preneed Funeral Burial Contract Seller

Colorado Division of Insurance

Private Occupational School Board

Colorado Department of Higher Education

Public Adjuster

Division of Insurance of the State of Colorado

Registered Outfitter

Division of Registrations

Right of Way

City of Fort Collins

Right of Way Performance - City of Englewood (Up To $5,000)

City of Englewood Public Works

Street/Road Cut

County of Jefferson

Towing Carrier

Colorado Public Utilities Commission

Waste Tire Hauler

Colorado Department of Health and Enviroment Solid Waste & Materials Management Program

Water Board - Denver

Board of Water Commissioners

Wildlife Agent

Colorado Division of Wildlife License Services