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Contract surety bonds, sometimes refered to as construction bonds, guarantee the performance of two parties covered by a written agreement. The most common types include bid, performance and payment bonds.

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North Dakota
Name Obligee Actions

Auction Clerk

North Dakota Public Service Commission


North Dakota Public Service Commission

Cleaning, Pumping & Servicing

North Dakota Department of Health

Contractor's License Bond - All Trades

*North Dakota Generic Obligee

Contractor's License Bond - City of Grand Forks

City of Grand Forks

Contractor's License Bond - City of Jamestown


Excavation Contractor - City of Fargo

City of Fargo

Excavation Contractor - City of Williston

City of Williston Clerk of the Political Subdivision

Freight Broker

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Money Transmitter

North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions

Shooting Preserve

Secretary of State

Trailer Dealer

North Dakota Motor Vehicle Division

Water Well Contractor

North Dakota State Board of Water Well Contractors